[Hyperledger Project TSC] Agenda for December 15th, 2016

Todd Benzies <tbenzies@...>

  • Actions Item Review
    • Cello and Explorer teams to connect, review discussion with TSC
    • China Technical WG updates
    • CII Security Badge¬†discussion
    • Proposing a Feb 1-2 Hackfest in San Francisco (following CoinDesk Construct)
  • Whitepaper WG update (Hart)
  • On-going (no action, just tracking)
    • Each WG to document their purpose, objectives, and/or deliverables through a Charter that is brought back to the TSC by or before January 12th.
    • Internship Program -- if you are interested in being a mentor for an intern, please let us know (this will launch sometime next year)

Todd Benzies
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The Linux Foundation
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