[Hyperledger Project TSC] Identity WG Dec 14th 12pm-1pm EST.

Vipin Bharathan

Hello all,

It was inspiring to have an Identity Working Group meeting during the hackfest with entusiastic participation from many. 

Special shout out out to Makoto Takemiya, Jonathan Levi & Jim Zhang.

As promised I have tcreated a seed document for discussion on Identity Whitepaper.
See below:

You can join the WebEx at

Or you can join by phone, we will try to set this up as phone access seems limited from the venue.

+1-408-525-6800 Call-in toll number (US/Canada)

+1-866-432-9903 Call-in toll-free number (US/Canada)

Access code: 190 609 401

Google Docs Shared Notes for meetings are at: