[Hyperledger Project TSC] The Identity WG-Meeting held on 11/16/17

Vipin Bharathan

Hi all,
The phone conference was held at 12:00 noon Eastern Time. Several people attended, both regular as well as new members. The call was recorded.
The meeting minutes are linked to from the wiki on Identity.
Important points
1. There was a debate whether the Identity WG should be concerned with Security as a whole or just Identity and the security issues around it. There was general agreement that we should be concerned only with Identity  and the security issues around Identity.
2.Some other concepts of security were explored namely trust envelope, threat model etc.
3. Jeremy S. also brought up the issue of security around the DevOps itself.
4. It was decided that we go back to point 1. namely that the Identiy working group should concern itself only with security issues around Identity.
5. Extract the minimum requirements for Identity from the common elements present in the current incubation projects from the matrix first published by Jeremy S. This is meant to be a joint venture between Jeremy/Leonard and Vipin.
6.Circle back to Binh Nguyen and Mic Bowman who were already working on the identity topic in the Arch WG.

Next meeting will be held during the hackfest, so we will cancel the meeting on November 30th. We can work together to find a time on Dec 5th or 6th.