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It's necessary for Chinese developers to improve the Projects within a virtual work group . Right Jobs!

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Dear TSC members,

The interest from Chinese developers and companies in Hyperledger is
really impressive. Both Chris and I have been there recently, and I
know many of you on this list are either based there or travel there on
a regular basis. At least 21 of our sponsoring members are
headquartered in China, and many more (like IBM) have active blockchain
development efforts there. We also know how challenging it can be to
bridge the time zone, linguistic, and cultural divides between developer
communities in the region and the rest of the world. The Linux
Foundation is starting to get feet on the ground there (we now have a
business development guy in Hong Kong and will be bringing on some
technical community talent there too), and of course we have a WeChat
channel for the HL community being monitored by LF staff. But I'd like
to find a way to connect more directly with the technical community who
may find the timing of TSC calls difficult and the language barriers in
using email a challenge, and help them feel supported and comfortable,
but without creating a split community.

So to address this, I'd like to propose that we set up a "Technical
Working Group, China":

Mission: The TWGC is a bridge between the global Hyperledger community,
and the emerging technical user and contributor community in China and
the greater China region, including Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is
responsible for growing the Hyperledger developer community in China by
responding to new user questions, helping with first-level triage of
community-reported bugs or other issues, helping demonstrate to new
developers how to report bugs or file pull requests, and pointing
motivated developers towards the project roadmaps and development
initiatives at the global Hyperledger web sites. It should also make
sure to expose new users to the broad range of projects at Hyperledger.

Governance: It would be Chaired by two or three developers (who could be
TSC members but don't have to be) who are appointed by the TSC, and
re-appointed every 6 months to keep it fresh. No formal votes are
taken, so no formal membership in the WG beyond those two-three

Communications: This WG would have their own method of communication
that could include whatever they feel would be most appropriate: email
list, WeChat channel, Slack channel, or something else - so long as it's
recorded and archived somehow, and open to anyone who wants to join.
The Chairpersons are responsible for ensuring a productive, harmonious
tone on these channels.

Reporting: This WG would report on its activities once a month to the
TSC, including any issues that need addressing from a governance,
process, community devtools, or other community-wide angle. The report
should include some measure of activity and measure of how well new
participants are being welcomed in.

Thoughts? I'm happy to talk about this on tomorrow's TSC call, though
there's not a big need to rush the approval of this that quickly. But
approval in the next few weeks would be terrific. We're thinking of
doing something similar from a marketing perspective too, fwiw. Thanks,


Brian Behlendorf
Executive Director, Hyperledger
Twitter: @brianbehlendorf

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