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Arnaud Le Hors

On the topic of documentation I started an effort to improve our wiki and would appreciate feedback.
Please, have a look at the "top level projects" pages:


My goal is to have a landing page for each project with similar information.
All feedback welcome!

Note: I'm using markdown but the plugin shows some unreliability so if one of the pages doesn't render properly, please, let me know. The LF IT team is investigating the cause.

Arnaud  Le Hors - Senior Technical Staff Member, Open Web Technologies - IBM Cloud

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Hi Brian,


In support of Vipin when I recently asked Andreas Antonopoulos on his favorite Bitcoin BIPS, Andreas answered :


BIP32, BIP39, BIP43, BIP44 - Wallet related BIPS.

BIP69, BIP150, BIP151 – Security related BIPS.

BIP141, BIP142, BIP143, BIP144, BIP145 – Segwit related BIPS.


Imagine the same conversation with defect or case number.





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Re: [Hyperledger Project TSC] Hyperledger Improvement Project numbering


Hello Brian,

Thanks for the thoughtful response.

1. A landing page which quickly leads us to the various major projects under incubation. At this time there are three to my knowledge: Fabric, Saw Tooth Lake and Iroha. The question is whether this should classified using HIP numbers.
2. You draw a comparison to IETF draft docs rather than BIP numbers. I agree with this as well. At the time we drew up the Project Proposal Template we did not have the "umbrella" concept. Either way there are precedents for a numbering scheme. So in contrast to you I do not see a problem with a numbering scheme.
3.We already have either interfaces between projects (a potential chaintool, a potential universal explorer etc.)-Or projects that are meant to be hosted under single projects (Java API to Fabric; Python API to Fabric etc.). They need organization as well.

Overall this is an organisational matter, so I am OK with all approaches (an overall numbering scheme, sub numbering scheme for project specific variants, a numbering scheme for enveloping projects like a universal explorer or just a name). This is a naming scheme after all and it should yield unique names.  However the most important idea is to have a way of following a process from project inception so that the project proposal starts with a name, there is nothing wrong in changing the name in case the scope changes; i.e. a project changes from Fabric specific to universal. All this should aid transparency so that a new member can easily navigate the Hyperledger project tree and discover what they need easily.



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Hi Vipin. I started this out as a private response but felt it made sense as a reply to the TSC mailing list.   I was thinking about this more after the TSC call, and I should articulate what I was thinking...

BIPs and EIPs are proposals for changes to the specifications for how those specific networks and technologies work.  They could just as easily refer to Jira ticket numbers if they ran their projects that way, but a BIP or EIP is a good way to distinguish one idea for change from another.  Perhaps the predecessor is more something like IETF drafts, or even ISO document codes (e.g. RFC 847 or ISO 9000).

The project proposal and incubation process at Hyperledger is something different.  It's for new projects that have an independent identity, such as "Iroha", potentially sub-classible as "Iroha-Android", where what's needed is a short memberable name that puts it on par with the other projects, and doesn't necessarily need to indicate a numbered ordering.  That is, I'd prefer that we refer to Iroha as "Iroha", and not as "HIP4", because it doesn't need a shorter name than "Iroha".  I also like the personalization it brings - these are communities of developers first, or should be.  And the sooner a project comes up with a great name, if it doesn't already have it, the better.

Potentially we could see HIPs as a way to formalize emerging, originally de-facto interfaces between projects - the current Fabric grpc API, for instance, especially if Iroha or Explorer or others wish to use it.  That is more in spirit with BIPs and EIPs.

But most importantly, you surface the need to have a great landing page describing our projects and the collaboration resources that correspond to them, as well as the ones being proposed.  The wiki is looking better and better, and I think could be the place for that kind of thing.  Thoughts?


On 10/04/2016 11:10 AM, Vipin BHARATHAN wrote:


I had proposed the following on the tsc mailing list; it sank without a trace, maybe because it was posted on a Friday before a holiday. It is a governance topic of little interest to most developers.
The initial project proposal template did have this scheme and was unanimously approved by all the tsc members.

However we lack
a. An editor who will assign these numbers
b. A numbering scheme for all projects under incubation
c. A common jumping off point (a HIP page) on the wiki


Hi All,

It was envisaged in the Project Proposal Template that each proposal would have a number.
"HIP identifier a short description plus a serial number with a version (for example this document is Template for a Hyperledger Improvement Project HIP 0.2)"

The proposals that have been incubated have not been assigned numbers so far.
The assignment of HIP numbers and the assembly of the links to the various proposals from one page will assist the discovery of the various proposals under incubation or in other stages of adoption. As the number of projects under incubation as well as the breadth of our activities increase this would be very useful in increasing our transparency.
I suggest that we assign numbers to the already existing proposals
1.      Fabric
2.      Sawtooth Lake
3.      Chaintool Compiler
4.      Hyperledger Explorer
5.      The java chaincode

and any other proposals being incubated. These can be linked to from a top level page in the wiki.
In some of the open source projects like Bitcoin an editor is responsible for assigning the numbers. For a sample page from bitcoin please look at  
Comments and questions are welcome,


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