[Hyperledger Project TSC] Supporting developers in China - WeChat?Something better?



Greate news. Welcome to China.
I am very glad to assist maintain this presence.
Baohua already setup a WeChat group in China, he will meet you in Shanghai.

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Dear TSC members,

With the number of developers participating in China, and with Slack
still currently blocked in China (as is Github most of the time, as are
many other sites), it's been suggested that we have a presence on one of
the major China-based social or developer networks, where we can provide
assistance to developers in getting a dev environment set up, answering
questions, and steering bug reports and contributions into the main Jira
and Gerrit.

Does anyone have an opinion for the best places to establish such a
presence?  WeChat is the mentioned one, though that may be difficult to
manage a large community.  Are there China equivalents of Reddit or
Hackernews to consider instead?

This would also not work unless we had a small dedicated crew of
bilingual (Mandarin and English) developers or other volunteers willing
to participate to maintain this presence, and keep them not only engaged
as a community but engaging with the rest of us when there are serious
discussions or contributions.  Any volunteers?  On my staff, Min Yu is a
native Mandarin speaker, and she can also maintain a presence in that
community and help keep things collaborative and positive, though her
focus would be non-technical.

Let me know.  I'll be in Shanghai next week and would love to be able to
announce such a thing.


Brian Behlendorf
Executive Director at the Hyperledger Project
Twitter: @brianbehlendorf

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