[Hyperledger Project TSC] Moving Hyperledger Fabric Technical Planning to Tuesday morning f2f

Binh Q Nguyen <binhn@...>

Hi folks,

Since many of us are in transit on Monday, I am moving our 10am EDT Monday meeting to Tuesday morning f2f in San Francisco.

I haven't seen any specific agenda requests this week, so I would like us to focus on the next iteration architecture and implementation, which we have begun. Before the hackfest, for those interested in Fabric, I want to discuss the following items so that everyone on the same page:

1) Fabric next architecture https://github.com/hyperledger/fabric/wiki/Next-Consensus-Architecture-Proposal
2) Work items and planning -- either bi-weekly or monthly
3) Follow up releases leading to 1.0 release. So far we have released v0.5 Developer-Preview
4) Anything else before we start the hackfest


- Binh