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Hi LI,

I can not read the website, the white paper and the code comments, therefore my insight is rather limited.

A quick scan through the C# code makes me think, that this is much like Bitcoin with native assets.

Do you have a writeup of the BFT algorithm?

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One revision: the project github link is https://github.com/antshares/antshares
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主题: Project Proposal - Onchain Antshares
Dear TSC Members,
We are Hyperledger member “Onchain”,  we are planning to contribute our open source blockchain Distributed Ledger project (called “Antshares”) to “Hyperledger Project Respository”.
The Antshares Distributed Ledger has several compelling features:
l  New Cryptography: Implementing (development ongoing) China's compulsory cryptography scheme SM2 and SM3, the equivalent to ECDSA and SHA256.
Publick-key cryptography schemes are also abstracted as op_code (chaincode). Therefore different publick-key cryptography scheme can co-exist in a same blockchain.
l  New Consensus Algorithm: Pluggable consensus module include a new variant of BFT: dBFT (delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance).
l  Voting: dBFT introduced an on-chain voting process to dynamically vote in/out validators,
make it possible to be used as a universal consensus mechanism for public/permissionless and private/permissioned circumstances.
l  Strong Chinese Community: China’s first open source Distributed Ledger Project since 2014 with strong developers and community support.
l  VM-based Smart Contract: Virtual Machine written from scratch to run stack-based op_code which is widely used by many cryptocurrencyies.
A javascript-to-op_code complier is in the pipeline.
We have prepared the project proposal (follow the Hyperledger Project Proposal Template and in attachment).
Antshares project current Github link: https://github.com/antshares , If you need any more additional materials , please let us know.
We are looking forward to being project in Hyperledger respository soon, and Onchain team with China’s partners hope to contribute more to Hyperledger projects and community.
Thanks in advance for your time and effort.
LI Jun
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