[Hyperledger Project TSC] exit criteria and role of TSC

Christopher B Ferris <chrisfer@...>

Regarding recent addition to the exit criteria from Jeremy.

I left the following comment:
My take on Incubation vs Mature is that this is not a function of done-ness or production-readiness of the software, but a function of the maturity of
the project team that is managing the codebase.

Personally, I think that the project's maintainers are the ones that decide when to cut a release and what should be included.

We've been leveraging the TSC for sub-projects mostly to keep everyone engaged and to provide opportunity for broader feedback amongst the Hyperledger
community. It isn't clear that the role of the TSC should be to make decisions for all projects - but rather to set the guidelines within which they
need to operate.

I think it is important that we discuss this and come to broad consensus.

Again, my personal take is that the TSC should be more about setting guidelines for projects to operate as they see fit - this is especially true if we are going to be host to many. As I have said before, I consider the incubation process to me mostly a function of the maturation of a project _team_ meaning the maintainers and regular committers than it is a function of whether the code is done by some measure of done. Open source code is never done. We cut releases (and the industry trend is towards greater frequency) to be sure, and some (bit not all) are considered for LTS. However, there will be constant change - new function, refactoring to improve scale or performance or to reduce technical debt, etc.

I'd like to hear from others as to their thoughts on this.



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