[Hyperledger Project TSC] Survey on Code of Conduct Preferences

Michael Dolan <mdolan@...>

Members of the Hyperledger technical community, on the TSC call today, there was a discussion on options for adopting a code of conduct for the community. There were various aspects of both the W3C and Cloud Foundry options that seemed appealing. In order for the TSC to make a more informed decision about the broader community’s preferences, we’ve put together a VERY simple survey to get your feedback. It should take you 1-3 minutes at most to weigh in on your preferences. Please help provide datapoint to help the TSC understand the preferences of the community. 

If you missed the discussion on the TSC call today, the recording should be up shortly on the GitHub Wiki along with the minutes. If you have not looked at either, the respective code of conduct documents the team have been working on can be found at the URLs below. 


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