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Jonathan Levi (HACERA)

My two cents very quickly,

I remember some of us saying during a few of the calls (informally:) “please note that if and when this project is accepted to Hyperledger, there will be a lot of work associated with it. It’s not like a “fork and forget”. Building a community (e.g., of developers) is one aspect, being available and responsive to questions, issues on JIRA, chats, etc.” So having these written up in a way and publicly available allows all parties to better set the expectations (and update these expectations if/as deemed necessary.)

So especially in the context of new projects joining, I believe that anything that highlights the “rules of the game”, in terms of what is required from (existing) projects. Not only that it improve the transparency and visibility but it also aligns expectations in terms of the governance model that is “in place”, from the “get go”. These include the monitoring, expected response time, customer support/bug fixing, announcing plans and milestones and (of course, in this context,) reporting statuses - so I believe having these written up and easily accessible is really highly beneficial.

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On Jun 13, 2017, at 6:30 PM, Brian Behlendorf via hyperledger-tsc <hyperledger-tsc@...> wrote:

Thank you Tracy!

For additional context: I believe we've talked a bit on the TSC calls (or at least informally) about how to ensure that if/as new projects join, we have a scalable way to perform our TSC oversight of these projects, as part of our governance of the overall Hyperledger effort. That oversight should be both about the code and the community: is the project making regular releases? Are there new developers joining on a regular basis? Etc. If a project has gone a bit quiet (e.g., questions aren't being answered, bug are being opened but not closed, etc) or is heading into a tense direction then the TSC might be able to help. If a project truly goes dead with no chance of revivial then the TSC should vote to wrap it up and put it in an "Attic" of sorts, but long before then we should be able to help guide efforts.

Apache has a similar format here:

Note that they only require projects to report every 3 months, but they also have hundreds of projects to oversee now, so their monthly board meetings are almost nearly consumed by reviewing and accepting these reports. BTW they vote to accept these reports each month as a formal way to acknowledge they've received and read them. The TSC could consider the same.

Let's talk about this for a bit here on the list and maybe on the call this week, but there's no rush to adopt, let's make sure it's something we all want to do.


On 06/13/2017 05:49 PM, Tracy Kuhrt via hyperledger-tsc wrote:
As a means for the TSC to access the health and status of the projects, I have drafted a proposal for project reporting. You can find the details here:

In addition, I am proposing the following template to use for reporting:


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