[Hyperledger Project TSC] Identity WG call today

Vipin Bharathan



Identity WG call today May 17rd at 12 EDT. Details in wiki linkhttps://wiki.hyperledger.org/groups/identity/identity-wg.


Paper link:



Agenda: Added updates in bold

Call for volunteers

a.       Bridge to architecture WG paper ? Nathan George 

b.      TEEs & HSMs ? Steven from Rivetz

c.       ZK proofs and CLsignatures- Jan Camenisch (already provided some feedback)-maybe something more concrete

d.      Monax-Identity Benjamin Bollen  

e.      Iroha-Link

f.        Fabric CA team to provide some input on Fabric CA

g.       STL EPR ? (End Point Registry) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1gWlbsKtgApOTm1E5XJsw2J3U6AvIRxujWiG-vm6ELOM/edit?usp=sharing EPID as identity repository. Vipin Bharathan has added some material from the introduction of the EPR into the paper.

h.      Sovrin-Identity Model- Drummond

i.          DiD->DDO model-Drummond

j.        X.509 (Version 3.0), X.525 Jonathan Levi

k.       Verifiable claims - Nathan/Sean/Drummond

l.         Sketch out Identity Interface- Vipin Bharathan


Unassigned : Jan VerCammen, Daniela Merella, Hugo Toledo


We have to recognize the fact that this is conference season and people are very busy.




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