[Hyperledger Project TSC] Identity WG call tomorrow

Vipin Bharathan

Hello all,
There will be an Identity WG Call April 19, 2016 at 12 EDT. Details in wiki link https://wiki.hyperledger.org/groups/identity/identity-wg.

Proposed Agenda:

Welcome new comers into the group and get reasons for participation.
Work on short term goals, identify volunteers for the following items in the paper and a timeline (we will aim for a draft of some of these items by Monday the 24th to continue work at the hackfest)
a. Current Interfaces: Description of Indy, Fabric, Iroha, Monax, STL.
b. Extract the common elements from these interfaces to describe an “ideal” Identity Interface
c. Read the Requirements WG paper and map to Identity requirements
d. Description of CA vs DiD- i.e. Central Authority vs Distributed Identity and their interoperation and how Identity component will operate in the context of Legacy systems and heterogeneous DLTs.
e. Read and get data from Architecture Working Group on Identity to incorporate or link to in our paper

Tentative Volunteers from what I remember are: Jan Kamenisch, Nathan George, Drummond Reed, Sean Bohan, Daniela Merella
If there are any I am forgetting, please speak up if you are on the call.
I will cross post this on tsc chat and architecture wg chat as well as the technical-discuss and tsc mailing lists.

Any other suggestions?

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