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Vipin Bharathan

I am forwarding Nathan's Indy proposal since it bounced for him. Apologies if this is a duplicate. Tsc members please read.


Back in February, Drummond and I enjoyed talking to everyone at the hack-fest about the Sovrin Foundation, a project to create a global public utility for identity.  Since then we have been working with members of the community as well as within the Sovrin Foundation to bring the development effort into the Hyperledger Project as an incubator project under the name Hyperledger Indy.

On behalf of the Sovrin Foundation Board of Trustees and the Technical Governance Board, we would like to formally submit the proposal for consideration by the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee. The project proposal is linked on the wiki and is available here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YzXz0aM8w7kSp3_ao3ue9tOFwK9paofXbtBptR1Jucg/edit?usp=sharing

Please feel free to reach out to Drummond (drummondreed), Sean (SeanBohan_Evernym) or myself (nage) with questions through email, rocket.chat or other means as needed.

The Getting Started Guide can be found here: https://github.com/sovrin-foundation/sovrin-client/blob/master/getting-started.md
Also, this week the Sovrin Foundation Board of Trustees approved the Sovrin Provisional Trust Framework, which contains an extensive description of the Sovrin identity model that we will be contributing to the Hyperledger Identity Working Group.

The code is currently hosted at the Sovrin Foundation's github organization, https://github.com/sovrin-foundation/sovrin-client, with three more dependent repositories hosted from Evernym's github (anoncreds, plenum, and ledger).

Work on the code base is coordinated on Sovrin's forum and on slack.  You are all welcome to join us there or at any of our next working group calls:
We look forward to hearing your feedback and continuing to work with the community!
-Nathan George
Software Architect
Evernym, Inc.

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