[Hyperledger Project TSC] Identity WG report 02/15/2017

Vipin Bharathan

Hi all,
  • The Identity WG charter was approved by the TSC
  • Work has started on the Identity WG document covering the interface
  • The Architecture WG started addressing the identity of nodes participating in consensus and validation.
  • As part of this, Binh presented the Fabric membership services to the Architecture WG
  • Similar presentations or documents are expected from Iroha and Saw Tooth Lake
  • The Identity WG in collaboration with the Architecture WG will strive to keep the interfaces to other types of Identity(transactors), as well as that of the nodes mentioned above consistent. 
  • Identity, cross chain, legacy and from other trust anchors (public permissionless) started to be addressed by debating pathways to canonical transformations (from DID->DDO as well as X.509/X.500) to DLTs under the Hyperledger Umbrella.
  • Collaboration has started with SOVRIN to see how they can fit in with the Hyperledger Umbrella as well as how they can contribute to the ongoing work on Identity.  
Comments/questions welcome.

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