[Hyperledger Project TSC] WG Call made 02/08/17

Vipin Bharathan

Hello all,
Please update if you were on the call.

The approach we were going to take is clear.

Create a doc defining an interface for an Identity Component in Hyperledger. This interface should be capable of supporting the majority of the Identity needs of the three projects currently under incubation.

Create a reference implementation of this interface.

The Agenda was to discuss using Distributed Identity (DID->DDO) to interoperate with

a.Ledgers under the same umbrella (Hyperledger)

b.Arbitrary ledgers

c.Interact with Legacy or unknown systems

This topic is important if we are to build a utility, since we can better componentize if every system understood the way Identity was represented and this could be ported, even if it is through a thin wrapper.

There was a debate (still unsettled) on what to use.
  • Is DID better or X.509 certificates and attributions?
  • Can One wrap the other? 
  • Support both representations
  • Use DID as a canonical form and convert as necessary.
  • Use UUID instead of DID for primary key.
We need experts to weigh in on the subject. Feel free to comment or alter the material in the meeting notes. This will be used to fill in the Identity Interface doc.

Binh has provided us with the interface definition for Fabric CA (look at the meeting notes for links). We will use this to start the Interface definition.
We now need similar documents or links from Saw Tooth Lake and Iroha.


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