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Hi Chris,


Before engaging in a consolidation project, I think it would be helpful to better define the overall goals.  It is difficult to assess the merits of a design without the context of the problems it is intended to solve.


I propose that we first define objectives of the system.  This needn’t be a document heavy DODAF-style requirements process.  But completely forgoing such a process seems to make our decisions arbitrary.


Ultimately the success of this project will hinge on whether the software solves real problems for which there isn’t already a satisfactory solution.  In particular my mind goes to distinctions between a distributed ledger and a replicated database before even getting to specialized features of transaction types.  But rather than focus on that exclusively or attempt to list all possible objectives here, I will instead suggest that the first ‘sprint’ of the group be to define high-level objectives. 


With those objectives defined we can then assess an architecture that selects components from the pool of contributions or creates new ones accordingly.



Dan Middleton




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IBM and Digital Assets would like to jointly submit the following proposal for discussion on this Thursday's TSC call.



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