[Hyperledger Project TSC] Cello conversations + Community collaboration thoughts

Baohua Yang

Dear TSC members

After last TSC meeting, Dan, Pardha, Satheesh and I make some conversations on Cello's proposal and the collaborations in community, with more and more projects joining Hyperledger today. 

We bring some interesting thoughts together and wish share out for boarder discussions.

(Feel free to replenish if i missed some points.)

1. What kind of project are welcome to Hyperledger?
Hyperledger community should be open to any kind of technical contributions, especially those can fill new scopes, meet different requirements, and work well with existing projects.

Cello is exactly filling the gap of BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) requirement, and its proposed scope will let it work very well with the existing projects, e.g., fabric, sawtoothlake, iroha, blockchain-explorer, chaintool and sdk. It would be nice to consider Cello as the initial effort towards Hyperledger BaaS platform.

We welcome more such kind of collaboration potentials between different projects, under the same umbrella, while remaining the users' flexibility to choose what projects can meet their requirement best. 

2. How to encourage better collaborations inside the Community?
To encourage more collaboration between various projects from different teams with different programming languages, we may bring up the concept of "suite".

A suite is a collection of Hyperledger projects, to achieve some open-to-use solution for specific scenarios, e.g., for Cloud scenario, for BigData scenario, for stock-trading scenario. This can help mitigate the technical challenge for users adoptions, and also help develop teams of the same suite to work more close with each other.

After enough practical adoptions, we may provide various community-recommended suites, just as the Linux, OpenStack and BigData communities do.

Would be glad if these ideas can attract more thoughts.

Look forward to hearing more insightful comments!


Best wishes!

Baohua Yang

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