[Hyperledger Project TSC] Introduction to the Global Synchronization Log, for discussion on tomorrow's TSC call

Dan O'Prey <dan@...>

To the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee,

Ahead of tomorrow's TSC call, Digital Asset would like to share a short discussion paper (attached) on the Global Synchronization Log, a blockchain component that can serve as a common foundation for distinct Distributed Ledger implementations in wholesale regulated financial markets.

A more technical and formal discussion will be presented in subsequent communications. We look forward to learning more about whether aspects of the forthcoming Corda release are compatible with this approach and would equally welcome development of the GSL as part of Fabric.

Tamás Blummer, our Chief Ledger Architect, will be introducing the GSL on the TSC call tomorrow at 10am ET and be available to answer any questions.

Thank you,



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