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As you may know so far folks from DTCC and one person from Fujitsu have been maintainers for the Hyperledger blockchain explorer for the past few years. With members from both organizations being pulled into other work, it has become hard for us to continue being in the maintainers role without support from the community. Last year with David Boswell’s help we presented to the community both on US and APAC side to try and get more contributors. It generated interest alright but we did not get any commitment. This year David reached out to me again and we were looking for options when Varad from IBM and us found synergies in creating a combined app that would service a fabric network from both angles, administration side with adding new nodes, deploying chaincode etc. and consumer side to view the nodes information, transactions and chaincode. We were really excited about the opportunity to combine IBM operations console with HL Explorer and source help from the community to make this happen but unfortunately IBM pulled out.

So now we are back where started, still looking for new maintainers/contributors. Since we see Explorer is being used and definitely helps the larger community we would like to keep it alive in others’ capable hands. Wanted to bring this to TSC to see if you can help us find the right folks to handover to.

If we could add this to TSC call Agenda for next week, I would be happy to elaborate on this.




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