Re: Agenda for the TSC Call of February 3, 2022 #tsc

Jim Zhang

Sounds good, thanks Tracy for the context. Would be great if the TSC can get to a cadence to review each project's health on a regular basis (so we can discuss how to help) and be armed with real data from analytics reports. Happy to talk more tomorrow.


On Wed, Feb 2, 2022 at 1:13 PM Kuhrt, Tracy A. via <> wrote:

Hi, Jim.

I thought that we may end up discussing some more on this point in the Project Reports section of the agenda:
  • Project Reports
    • Usefulness of data
    • Should we schedule this to run on a monthly/quarterly basis for review by the TSC?

I do believe that we will need a task force to take this over the finish line. Let's talk about the creation of such a task force in our meeting. I am happy if you take point on leading that task force. Maybe we can get a few other TSC members to volunteer to be on that task force.


Jim Zhang
Co-founder, Head of Protocol Engineering, The Blockchain Business Cloud

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