Re: Call for topics for this week's TSC meeting #tsc

Arun S M

Hi Tracy,

If time permits and we have enough data points, we could start looking into action items from the member summit, invite project teams to present on the TSC calls, start looking into revamping some of the silent working groups.

David & Ry have a few tooling improvement ideas, but those alone may not call for a TSC meeting.


On Tue, 30 Nov 2021 at 12:39 AM, Hart Montgomery <hmontgomery@...> wrote:
Hi Tracy,

Thanks for your response!  I'll create a proposal in the issue tracker and we can go from there.

It probably isn't worth it at this point to schedule a meeting only for this discussion, so please don't feel compelled to schedule a meeting only for this.

Thanks for your time and have a great day.


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Hi, Hart.

As of now, this is the only topic that we have for the agenda. If you believe you are ready for a formal-ish proposal, I am happy to have you create one in the issue tracker. The email that you pointed us to gives us a good idea of what you are thinking would be included in the proposal.

If others have topics that we should include on the agenda, please add them.


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