Re: Call for topics for this week's TSC meeting #tsc

Hart Montgomery <hmontgomery@...>

Hi Tracy,

If there is time, I'd like us to discuss TSC members attending project meetings, as discussed previously on the email list here.  Do you think it would be helpful if I crafted some kind of formal-ish proposal, or should we just start with open discussion?

Thank you very much for your time and have a great day.


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Subject: [Hyperledger TSC] Call for topics for this week's TSC meeting #tsc
Hi, All.

I am looking to put together the agenda for this week's TSC meeting, and I am not finding a topic that we would be able to discuss this week. Does anyone have any topics that we need to discuss?

These are the items that I am aware of that are ongoing:

The following project reports are due or upcoming:
  • 2021 Q4 Hyperledger Burrow (due )
  • 2021 Q4 Hyperledger Grid (due )
  • 2021 Q4 Hyperledger Transact (due )
  • 2021 Q4 Hyperledger Cello (due )
  • 2021 Q4 Hyperledger Quilt (due )
  • 2021 Q4 Hyperledger Explorer (due )
  • 2021 Q4 Hyperledger Firefly (due )



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