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Hart Montgomery <hmontgomery@...>

Hi David,

Thanks a lot for your mail.  I think you have some great points and some excellent suggestions for extending this core idea.

Extending this to not only project meetings, but also SIG, working group, and lab meetings is a great idea.  A lot of the work being done in these groups is some of the most novel in Hyperledger.  Having TSC member(s) attend some of these meetings would also hopefully bring the groups closer in to the core community, which would be a great thing as well.

I was hoping this could be as little extra work for TSC members as possible, so while I think it might be good to encourage a report, I'm not sure it should be required--I'd be a little afraid it would disincentivize participation.

Finally, I totally agree with you about expanding this beyond TSC members.  I suggested TSC members because, as TSC members, they have some obligation to be responsive to the Hyperledger Foundation as a whole.  But maintainers that want to do this should definitely be encouraged.  I was actually going to suggest that if we think that this works, then we encourage the governing board to do it as well.  But I guess this would be a tougher ask.

Thanks again for your response, and thanks to all who have responded.


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Subject: Re: [Hyperledger TSC] TSC Member Attendance of Project Meetings
Hart, I think this is a great idea and am happy to help support this.  We have a large and sprawling community and we won't be able to benefit from everything that is going on if we don't have a way to get a sense of where there are collaboration opportunities.

The recent discussions between the Cactus project and Weaver lab seem like a good model -- they found out that they had similar goals and were working on similar projects and after connecting they saw there are ways to collaborate.

Considering that, I would encourage people who want to help out as a liaison to also consider connecting with a lab, SIG or WG and not just focus on projects.  For instance, the Performance and Scale WG, as well as several SIGs, are doing interesting technical work that very well could be relevant for others outside those groups.

And I like your idea of somehow getting a sense of who has gone to talk with what other projects or groups.  This would let us know what potential connections have been explored.  Maybe this could involve a liaison giving a quick report back to the TSC on the list or a call to flag things of interest?

+1 also to the idea of recognizing people who do this.  That should definitely be a part of this.  And I would think this could go beyond thanking TSC members -- we could invite maintainers to be doing this as well and recognize them.


On Tue, Nov 2, 2021 at 11:10 AM Alfonso Govela Thomae via <> wrote:

Yes Kamlesh and Hart, it is a good initiative to attend diverse Projects, WGs, SIGs. It will help bridge the silos!!

Kind regards to you all

On Nov 2, 2021, at 11:17 AM, Kamlesh Nagware <kamlesh.nagware@...> wrote:

Hi Hart,

It's good initiative to understand other Hyperedger projects, I am in and interested to be part of it.

I will like to attend Hyperedger Cactus , Avalon , Firefly meetings.

Thanks & Regards,

Kamlesh Nagware

On Tue, Nov 2, 2021, 6:57 AM Hart Montgomery <hmontgomery@...> wrote:
Hi Everyone,

I wanted to expound a little bit on what I mentioned near the end of the last TSC meeting.  One thing that I think would benefit the TSC (and Hyperledger as a whole) is more awareness of and interaction with different projects.  This could spur more cross-project collaboration, less fragmentation between projects, and, in general, more project happiness with the TSC.

I proposed the following:  ask each TSC member to attend one project meeting a month for a project that they are not affiliated to and have not been a contributor (and, ideally, one that they have not attended before).  Whether people want to introduce themselves and participate or just listen wouldn't matter too much; I think just attendance would be great.  Additionally, I'd suggest we keep track of meeting attendance in some kind of spreadsheet (either public, if people are OK with it, or private to the TSC) with the main purpose being that TSC members know which meetings other members have attended so that we can stagger our attendance across many project meetings (for instance, this won't be very effective if all the TSC members attend the same meeting).  The time commitment--one meeting a month--should be pretty small, and I hope that going to these meetings would be very informative for TSC members, and an opportunity for projects who aren't strongly connected to the TSC to ask questions about HL as a whole if they want.

There probably shouldn't be a strict mandate for this, but ideally, there could be some form of "reward" as well:  maybe Daniela (or the LF) could buy TSC members who made a new meeting a month some dinner/drinks at the next in-person HL meeting (or maybe the global forum?) as sort of a fun incentive for participation?

What do people think about this?  If this seems like a good idea, I'll write up something more formal.

Thank you very much for reading, and have a great day.


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