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Hi Brian,

I am based in MA so NYC is fairly easy trip for me. I should be able to make it.


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Subject: [Hyperledger Project TSC] December Hackfest in NYC?

We're having a good time here at the Amsterdam Hackfest, with about 50
attendees and some good (raw!) conversation.

Our next scheduled Hackfest would be early December. We are planning
a Hyperledger Members' meeting in NYC around that time, December 7th
and 8th. While I'd love greater geographic diversity, there are
clearly many of us in NYC or could get there more easily, especially
given end of the year travel budgets. If we had a hackfest on Dec 5th
and 6th, how many of you could attend?

It would be great to have a critical mass of TSC members in addition
to wider community participation.


Brian Behlendorf
Executive Director at the Hyperledger Project
Twitter: @brianbehlendorf

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