Re: Identity Working Group Call: Wednesday the 25th, 2020

Vipin Bharathan

Hi all,

We had a great call with 65 people in attendance.
Drummond Reed gave an excellent presentation on "The State of SSI".
The presentation slides as well as the full video recording is available at:
Thanks to Drummond and all those who attended.

As part of the year end retrospective, it would be great to hear feedback from the members.
A retrospective is a guide to future activities.
To encourage more activities that people found useful, to abandon blind alleys, to embark on new projects.


On Sun, Nov 22, 2020 at 11:06 AM vipin bharathan <vipinsun@...> wrote:
Hi all,

When: Nov 25, 12:00 noon EDT (17:00 UTC)

This is to announce a presentation by Drummond Reed on the "state of SSI".
Drummond has been involved ever since Indy was launched into Hyperledger under the Identity Working Group auspices. Over the years, we have participated in many efforts to standardize, grow the community, and put a governance framework around SSI as well as advance the whole concept of ToIP. ToIP is now a separate and independent group under the Linux Foundation. From Aries, DidComm and other parallel work in other groups in W3C, DiF and elsewhere, the SSI movement has caught fire. Drummond will sketch out the "state of SSI" including the future roadmap.

We can't wait until Wednesday, just in time for us in the United States to digest his remarks along with our turkey in the next couple of days.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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