Identity WG Call in 2 hours...

Vipin Bharathan

Hi all,

Please remember that the US is still on daylight savings time whilst Europe has gone to the regular time. This means that for the Europeans it will be one hour earlier.

Main Event:
A presentation by Paul Knowles and Robert Mitwicki from the Human Colossus Foundation on Identity Semantics with concepts from Overlays Capture Architecture (OCA), Blinding Identity Taxonomy and more. This is a key area especially for interoperability & consent architecture. they have been exploring Identity in the Semantics WG in TOIP. Their primary interest is in healthcare solutions. However the concept of OCA and BIT is broader.

Where :

When: Oct 28, 12:00 noon EDT (16:00 UTC)

Participate, collaborate, engage!

Hope to see you soon,

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