Reminder: Call today at 12 noon EDT (16:00 UTC). Identity WG

Vipin Bharathan

Hi all,

Please note that the zoom link is different because of the use of a passcode; newly required for zoom.
The call is at 12 noon EDT (16:00 UTC) on Wednesday the 30th of September.
Minutes and Agenda at:

The main event: a presentation on GADI (Global Architecture for Digital Identity) byRamesh Kesanupalli, the CEO of Digital Trust Networks.
Please attend, collaborate, question, contribute!
We expect some members who are into pure SSI to show up and engage...

The mission of GADI is to establish a new trustable identity framework by providing a unique digital address to everyone.
The initial implementation uses Indy et. al.
We will have an extensive demo of GADI on a later call.

During the presentation we may have some questions:
  • How can GADI be used in Hyperledger Blockchain based applications? Provenance, Digital Finance, Healthcare, Digital Government?
  • What about correlation risk with the provision of a universal identity?
  • Where does GADI deviate from the strict principles of SSI?
  • How useful is it for non-persons or Enterprises? What about IOT devices? Are there links to LEI?
  • Such identifiers are already part of many national infrastructures: SSN in the US, Aadhaar in India and so on. How will GADI interact with them?


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