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Jonathan Levi (HACERA)

Dear Jayakar,

First, just to say that I believe that the Hyperledger TSC mailing list may not be the best mailing list for such a call for partnerships - especially during TSC Election days.

However, taking a look at your proposed architecture (I could not resist) - my technical feedback is that the problem at hand (COVID Mutations Control Problem) is way way bigger than putting everything on a single vendor’s infrastructure. So assuming that all the world will connect to a single vendor (willingly) - will limit this solution, by design.

Having said that, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and other vendors already support (and still support) a huge infrastructure project that allows multiple vendors to collaborate, using multiple clouds, with different APIs, combining both data and app registries and it has been in production for quite some time.

We use a flavor of Hyperledger Fabric, with extended privacy measures, identity management, GDPR-compliant workflows/data storage, retention, the right to be forgotten with some amazing support that was offered by so many other vendors, partners and… friends ;-)
If you look around, you will see more than just Cobol, or IBM technology, all working in tandem (from Microsoft Power BI, Oracle Business Analytics, Splunk, etc.)

This, btw, is the power of blockchain - allowing us all to SHARE the infrastructure. We have been spending several weeks in looking at the various technologies, offerings, design, architecture and design - and found it a lot better to build it as a decentralized network, with no single point of failure.

We are working in two parallel stream:
1. Infrastructure -  for the sensitive data/information (such as trial data, with privacy-preserving measures, that you will need for working with sensitive trial data)
2. Public facing. - where people can easily build models (Statistical Analysis, Machine Learning models, AI) and run them (again, thanks to IBM, Oracle, Microsoft and the many other Infrastructure / Platform Enabling Partners) - who contributed later on also the massive compute power…. that now allows us to run and support full hackathons (against the anonymized data):

And if you are an IBMer or an “ex-IBMer” (like myself), you probably could not have missed the global Call for Code this year:

Either way, I am sure you will be happy to learn that we have MiPasa nodes also on IBM’s cloud - so it may be easy to connect the machines you plan on running such apps to MiPasa’s Governable Data Hub.

At any rate, please feel free to reach out directly (see below) - would love to see how we can partner and help - and connect you with many others - but again, ONLY if you are happy to create a multi-vendor solution… that does not force anyone to use a specific proprietary solution or cloud.
This is the pandemic of the century. Let’s use the right tools/frameworks for it. We (/people here) have spent years on building the tech. Let’s use the tech in a way that allows us all to and extract its full potential...

Thank you,
Jonathan Levi  - HACERA: Blockchain with Confidence - Unbounded Data Economies  - My Pass: Because I Care

On Sep 27, 2020, at 1:19 AM, Jayakar <Jayakar_J_Joseph@...> wrote:

Expecting Partnerships to build infrastructure for a Global Digital Corona Virus Harmful Mutations Control Program.

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