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Hi Everyone,

If we are going to continue the discussion on projects that end up being tied to a single framework (which it looks like people wanted to do), can we (as a TSC) formally solicit the opinion of the maintainers of those projects?  In the discussions we've had so far (well, at least in this iteration of the extended "subprojects" debate) we haven't heard from anyone who is a maintainer in these projects.  It would be nice to hear the reasons why they are independent projects, and why they want to stay that way (assuming they do--but maybe they don't; for instance, if the "parent" project doesn't want them).  This would give us a lot of perspective on this issue, as I think none of the "home" projects of any of the TSC members are any of the projects we've discussed as one of these "tied to a single framework" projects.

What does everyone think about this?  If there is still momentum for this discussion (and the vote last week seemed to indicate that there was, even accounting for the "coffee" voters), I think it would be useful to decide on a list of projects that we consider falling into this category, and then asking what the maintainers of those projects think.

I hope everyone is doing OK in these difficult times.  Thanks for your time, and have a great day.


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Hi all,

We only have one agenda item so if anyone wants to add anything please go ahead. In any case, I'd like to continue the discussion we started last week with regard to how we manage projects that end up being tied to a single framework.

Please, note that several quarterly reports are due.
Arnaud  Le Hors - Senior Technical Staff Member, Blockchain & Web Open Technologies - IBM

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