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Patrick Salami


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself: I am co-founder of HitFin (, a software company that brings traditional financial contracts (such as derivatives) to the blockchain. Our platform is based on Ethereum, but we are very interested in participating in this project to help move blockchain technology forward. 

We are in regular contact with customers from the financial services and insurance industries who approach us with specific use cases for blockchain technology. Through those conversations, we are learning a lot about the strengths and weaknesses of the current-generation technology and we have collected ideas regarding how future generations can offer improvements and deliver value to the financial services industry, particularly related to trading and post-trade clearing & settlement. I would be happy to share some of those thoughts during the call on Thursday.


Patrick Salami
CTO, HitFin 
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On Tue, Feb 16, 2016 at 2:32 PM, Michael Dolan via hyperledger-tsc <hyperledger-tsc@...> wrote:
For Thursday’s Hyperledger TSC Call, below are the agenda topics I’ve captured from last meeting and subsequent email threads. Please remember the deadline for submitting TSC Chair nominations is tomorrow (Wed) at 9pm US Pacific Time. I’d like to give any nominees a few minutes to discuss their candidacy at the start of the call, if the nominees want to.

Finally, if anyone would like to volunteer to lead the discussion on use cases or convergence proposals, please let me know. I saw Binh sent an email with a conversion proposal last week, but wasn’t sure if we should plan for any others who can lead portions of the discussion.

Draft Agenda:
  • 5-20 mins: Statement from each TSC Chair nominee (3-5 mins per nominee; list or number of nominees TBD)
  • 15 mins: Code of Conduct discussion (Chris Ferris) (link to referenced CF CoC:
  • 30 mins: Discussion on basic use cases to address
  • 30 mins: Discussion on how proposed contributions could be converged
  • 10 mins: Project proposal template (Stefan Buhrmester and Vipin Bharathan, if time permits)
If there are any other agenda topics we should add, please let me know.



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