Identity WG call tomorrow at noon EDT

Vipin Bharathan

Hi Everyone,

Meeting on  the zoom channel is

When: Noon EDT on August 19, 2020  (16:00 UTC)

Main Event : Presentation on TrustID by Maria Teresa Nieto Galan. Blockchain Specialist at Telefónica.

 Abstract: TrustID was created to decentralize the Hyperledger Fabric identity for the product implemented in Telefonica, TrustOS. TrustID is now an independent project. TrustID eases the management of identities for the case of TrustOS. Users shouldn’t need to hold a different set of credentials for each network or decentralized application they interact with. The same credentials used to access your own Bitcoins and manage your tokens in Ethereum should let you update the state of a Fabric asset or launch a secondary market in TrustOS. This is the rationale behind TrustID. The main goal of TrustID as a new project released in the Hyperledger Labs, under open source license, is to develop a new identity management standard in different blockchain platforms, regardless of the underlying technology.

Meeting Notes and Agenda in one.

Please participate.


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