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+1 very effective preso, thanks

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Keisha & Rob,


On behalf of the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee, thanks so much for presenting today! I think it was a really informative talk.

What we heard from you and the resources you’ve captured in your slides will be very helpful as we continue to build our efforts.


The TSC also may want some follow-up discussion to digest how we map what seem like corporate best practices into open source. For example, things like promotions may relate to elevating developers from contributors to maintainers and the need for sponsorship and advocacy in that process.


Rob, I do think we should talk more about how we get our contributing companies to recognize the benefits and needs of diverse talent in our joint open source work. A lot of what we’ve done so far is really grass roots efforts, but that’s not where the bulk of our contributor population comes from.


Once again, big thanks to both of you, particularly Keisha, for taking the time to prepare and talk to our group!



Dan Middleton

Principal Engineer




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