Universal Wallet 2020- Next call Wednesday July 8th at noon EDT (16:00 UTC)

Vipin Bharathan

Hello Identity-WG members,

If you are attending the meeting, please update your name on the calendar.

Please check out our Agenda

The main event:
  • Orie Steele from Transmute talks about his proposal for a universal wallet. Another exciting session brought to you by the Identity working group.
  • From Orie's original email about the proposal:
    Repo: https://github.com/transmute-industries/universal-wallet
    Spec: https://transmute-industries.github.io/universal-wallet/

    The proposed specification will define a data model and abstract interfaces for digital wallets that store currency, credentials, key material or references to key material, meta data, and cards... The goal being to help unify DIDs, VCs,  and cryptocurrency wallet data models, by defining missing vocabulary or defining relationships between existing vocabulary, reusing existing specifications as much as possible without modification.... Including DIDs, DID Key, VCs, VC HTTP APIs, WebKMS, VP Request Spec, Presentation Exchange, etc...
Attend, ask questions and get answers from Orie.

Thanks all,

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