Minutes of the call on June 24

Vipin Bharathan

Hi all,
We had a great presentation on June 24 on the subject of GLIEF rooted org wallets.
The recordings and minutes are available at
Please correct or expand on the minutes. My apologies for my garbled zoom audio, although I could hear everyone just fine. Thanks again and we will continue to have great presentations on the IDWG.


Christoph Schneider & Karla McKenna from GLEIF presented their project which went all the way from LEI registrars to an organization wallet that holds individual roles. In turn, to be presented in a limited way in GLEIF's public data.

Some of the questions

  • the balance between privacy of the individuals in the corporations to the publishing of theirĀ  names in a public data source like the GLEIF
  • the distance between the organizational wallets and the personal wallets to assert a claim on either salary or a position.
  • the use of these org wallets as generic identification documents

Most of these questions were related to the scope and function of the org wallets vs VCs held by personal wallets.

Next steps: What is the roadmap for this PoC? Will it progress to a later version of Aries? What are the future plans for implementation?



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