Identity WG call next Wednesday the 24th of June at 12 noon.

Vipin Bharathan

Hi all,

Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.
  • The main event: The GLEIF talks about their work on enterprise Identity Wallet project, and the possibilities to integrate that into any project that needs Identity in the Enterprise. The chain of trust rooted in GLEIF and extending to the roles in the enterprise.  This will be given by Karla McKenna and possibly Christoph Schneider.Enterprise Identity through LEI is now a requirement for many regulators. They are also doing great work in TOIP. We will talk about their solution migrating to later versions of Aries etc.
Other suggestions and work to be done
  1. TOIP working groups, stimulate community engagement
  2. Presidio Principles foundational values for a decentralized future, its relationship to GDPR
  3. Recap of Identity in Consensus
  4. Recap of IIW and main points discussed there

Please volunteer to talk on these subjects, or suggest new ones.

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