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I agree with Dan and Gari.  It makes sense to schedule every other week, with “bonus” meetings to discuss substantial agenda items as is seen fit.


The one thing I think we should do if we move to biweekly meetings is fully automate the quarterly reports so that we don’t have to bring them up in meetings (barring an issue).  Ideally all the review (and Q&A) should be offline, and we should only bring them up if there are issues that have been brought up in the report.  I know we’re already doing this to some extent, but ideally, they shouldn’t even be mentioned in the meeting agenda if there aren’t any issues.


What do people think about this?


Thanks a lot for all of your time, and have a great day.





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I tend to agree .... I think every other week makes sense.
If there were ever something pressing, we could attempt to schedule an "emergency" session. :-)

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What do people think about moving to every other week?


It feels like at the maturity HL is at now, we have less frequent technical governance questions to address than we did when we established the weekly cadence.




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