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I think this is the right kind of project for Hyperledger.


Figured I’d get some questions out on the list ahead of the start of the discussion tomorrow…


Why propose this now instead of after the code bases are merged and/or the whitepaper is complete?


What hard problems do you think this framework has solved?


How are rollbacks/forks in either network resolved?


Corda is the most dissimilar architecture you are targeting. How will the design change or is the current design likely to work with Corda?


When we resume face to face events how many dunk tanks will this project provide or require?





Dan Middleton

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Subject: Re: [Hyperledger TSC] Blockchain Integration Framework--Project Incubation Proposal


Hi Everyone,


Thank you very much to all of those that have looked over our proposal already.  Given the feedback we have received so far, we’d like to begin the process of formally applying for project incubation status.  If possible, we’d like to discuss this at the next TSC meeting, where we can have several project contributors attend so that we can answer as many questions as possible.


So, if you haven’t already, please take a look at our project proposal:


Please feel free to either add questions or comments to the document, respond to this email, or use our rocketchat “blockchain-integration-framework.”  We are open to suggestions, feedback, and advice, and would love to hear from many people on this list.


Thank you very much for your time, and I hope you all are staying safe out there!





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Subject: Blockchain Integration Framework--Project Incubation Proposal


Hi Everyone,


At the blockchain integration framework (BIF) lab meeting yesterday, we (the BIF lab community) decided that we were finally ready to start the process of applying for project incubation status.  As such, we would like to present our proposal document to the community:


We have already received some constructive feedback from community members, but would love more.  We will plan on formally proposing this in front of the TSC (pending positive feedback) in a week or two (definitely not this week), so please take a peek if you have a chance.


The more feedback we get, the better, so please feel free to comment on the proposal document.  In addition, if you’d like to discuss things specific to this effort or things that are out of scope of the proposal document (e.g. detailed architecture questions), we have a rocketchat channel (blockchain-integration-framework) where we try to answer questions promptly.


Thanks a lot for your time, and have a great day.





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