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Fulfilling my actions below. Please review the Release Taxonomy proposal (v0.3) [1] that Brian and I have noodled on, and make any comments. Be prepared to review and approve next week. I'd especially invite the Sawtooth community to review and comment, as Mic and Dan were out this week on holiday.

Also, as Brian noted, we now have a LF hosted wiki (yay) at that uses LF login. Please take time to explore a bit. We will review people's findings next week and then map out a migration plan for content in the GH wikis. It is likely that Brian's team will handle some of the migration of the TSC pages, minutes and recordings. Those who have pages or documents created in the GH wikis, it would be great if you would volunteer to migrate your content. As the wiki supports markdown, should be largely cut n paste.

Enjoy the long weekend for those in the US!



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Subject: [Hyperledger Project TSC] Minutes / September 1st, 2016

Hyperledger ProjectTechnical Steering Committee (TSC) MeetingSeptember 1, 2016 (7:00am - 8:30am PT)via GoToMeeting
TSC MembersArnaud Le HorsYesBinh NguyenYesChristopher FerrisYesDan Middleton
Greg HaskinsYesHart MontgomeryYesMic Bowman
Murali Krishna KatipalliYesRichard Brown
Sheehan Anderson
Tamas BlummerYes
Resources:Github: #hyperledger on (has Meetbot)Public lists: lists.hyperledger.orgSlack: (self-generated invites)Information on the TSC Members can be found at
AgendaWelcome the new TSCAction Item ReviewWG Updates
Welcome the new TSCThe steady state TSC election has now concluded. Please join me in welcoming the following new or returning members to the TSC (in alphabetical order):Arnaud Le HorsBinh NguyenChristopher Ferris Dan MiddletonGreg HaskinsHart MontgomeryMic BowmanMurali Krishna KatipalliRichard BrownSheehan AndersonTamas Blummer
TSC ChairChris Ferris ran unopposed in the TSC Chair election and has been reelected for a 1-year term -- thank you for all the hard work, Chris!
Action Item ReviewHackfest preparation and updates (Todd)Hackfest / October 3-4, Amsterdam (confirmed - details coming soon)Also, there will be a Hackathon on October 1-2 hosted by ABN AMRO, Holland Fintech, and IBM NL.Strongly encourage everyone to attend these technical events.Review Hyperledger Release Taxonomy v0.3 and add semver versioning numbers (Brian and Chris)Both Chris and Brian has made a few edits and updates, feel this is close to ready for adoptionCF: Want to have a broader discussion around this to make sure everyone is on same page, especially feedback from the STL folks, as their approach is slightly different.ACTION: Chris to send out reminder to review, then next meet plan to vote.Review and comment on Hyperledger-py proposal, Baohua to share proposal with Community to try to bring a few more project sponsors to it, as well as work on naming of the project. (Baohua Yang)Skipped until next week, no quorum for a vote this week.Communication tools (Brian/Todd) is now live; this is dokuwiki, supports markdownBrian: Anyone with an LFID can edit and create new pages. Encourage everyone to test it out, kick the tires, and see if there are any major issues. Otherwsie, we will start the process of migration.CF: Suggest to have a few editors that we can count on to keep tidy, highlight potential abuses, quality control, etc.Arnaud: Is migration automatic? Brian: No, don’t believe so -- we’ll engage with the Community and WG leads to map out a migration plan in 1 week.
WG UpdatesRequirements WG (Oleg Abdrashitov)Draft of the privacy section of the Requirements Document is on the wikiOleg is working on the collateral management use caseArchitecture WG (Ram Jagadeesan)Progress on two tracksFleshing out Architecture doc, finding issues that need to be discussed further before moving forwardOn security doc starting to identify functional requirements for identity and policy layersFocusing on bootstrap and identity of system entities (validators, etc.)Then, will move onto identity in generalWhitepaper WG (Dave Voell)Next objective is to get paper ready for SibosLooking to schedule a call within the next week or soIdentity WG (Christopher Allen)Update coming via emailCI WG (Chris Ferris)Made transition over to Gerrit -- a bit bumpy from a build perspectiveHad some problems with mirrors (bad mirrors, or mirrors not reachable) -- but this has been worked throughCut a new release from Fabric yesterday v0.6, working over next few weeks in prep for Sibos to harden this.
ACTION: Hackfest preparation and updates (Todd)ACTION: Chris to send out reminder to review Hyperledger Release Taxonomy v0.3 and plan for TSC to vote to adopt on 9/8 (Brian and Chris)ACTION: Review and comment on Hyperledger-py proposal, Baohua to share proposal with Community to try to bring a few more project sponsors to it, as well as work on naming of the project. (Baohua Yang)ACTION: Discuss migration plan in 9/8 TSC call (Brian/Todd)ACTION: Communication tools (Brian/Todd)
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