Re: Proposing Solang Solidity Compiler

Brian Behlendorf

I definitely support the concept of the project and want to see it succeed, and be not just a great example of a component approach to interop between ledgers, but also a way to bridge public & private chains.

The chicken-and-egg question is the key one, I think, and not unlike the incubation/active status debate, where the question is really how much promotion & signalling of official/"supported"/"it's safe" to send to draw users & contributors in, when such standards require

I think the TSC could choose to say yes to this project, and work with / hope the community and maintainership grows to the point where it hits active status. Or, it could work with the Labs stewards to think of additional ways to market & attract people to the Labs, so that Labs projects with participants who do want to push them forward feel like being in Labs is more help than hindrance.

BTW I was very happy to hear Burrow now has three active maintainers working for Monax, and three who don't. That may make it the most employer-diverse maintainer community in Hyperledger, unless I'm wrong.


On 2/18/20 10:07 PM, Sean Young wrote:
Hi Vipin,

First of all thank you for your kind words, it's appreciated.

As you point out, a single maintainer isn't ideal. I have spoken to many
people who are interested in the project. However, the set of people who
understand how compilers are built, rust, llvm, and Solidity is a small
intersection. My hope was that through being a hyperledger project,
more contributers/maintainers will present themselves.

My hope remains that through becoming a full-fledged project that it would
increase collaboration between Solang and the ledger projects, and help
write Solang target support for any ledger project that wants Solidity
support, using their flavour of webassembly (not just ewasm).

Secondly I hoped it would simply get more people using Solang.

The aim is not to be a top-level project; the aim is to be succcessful
project. However, it feels somewhat like a chicken-and-egg type problem.



On Tue, Feb 18, 2020 at 09:28:19AM -0500, Vipin Bharathan wrote:
Hi Sean,
Great to see your active involvement in developing components for community
use; especially those that have such potential.
Also heartening to see is the support you are getting from grants.
Any HL project needs community support. Not just verbal support. With a
single maintainer, many of the governance kpis will not be met.
This is in spite of stated support from several people.
The main question that I have is, what is the advantage of having Solang be
a full-fledged project, rather than a lab?
If the answer is publicity; let us ramp up slowly; prompting its use and
scale by inviting interested parties to collaborate and work together in
Once we demonstrate momentum in community participation, there will be more
of a chance to get this adopted as a project.
It is exciting to see significant projects being launched through the lab

Brian Behlendorf
Executive Director, Hyperledger
Twitter: @brianbehlendorf

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