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Arnaud Le Hors

Thanks for letting us know Dan.

On the repo structure, I invite anyone who hasn't voiced their opinion to do so on the related wiki page [1]. As always, any decision in this regard can still be amended if anyone brings up any issue. I suspect we will need to make some adjustments once we gained a bit of experience with it.


On the TSC election, I'm personally fine with deciding not to close the remaining issues but Dave claims these are stopping the team from working on an election plan for this year so I think it deserves a minimum of discussion.
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gah… Feb 6 not 3…

you can see how behind I am this week :)


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[Hyperledger TSC] Feb 3 agenda



I will probably miss the call Feb 3.


I see that the repo structure is listed in the Decisions section. I think we want to get community feedback before voting on anything there.


Looking at the discussion topics, while I won’t be there, I would prefer we don’t spend more TSC time on election matters.




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