Re: [ Hyperledger ] Proposal - BitXHub: inter-blockchain technology platform


Interesting proposal. I am in the process of reading through this.
I have a question. When you talk about Pier, do you mean "Peer" or am I misunderstanding something?
I will have more comments as I get through the rest...
Vipin Bharathan
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Subject: [Hyperledger TSC] [ Hyperledger ] Proposal - BitXHub: inter-blockchain technology platform
Hello everybody,

We'd like to propose a universal inter-blockchain technology platform 'BitXHub'. Our current main efforts are focused on improvement of flexibility, high availability and scalability. If we could get some feedback on our proposed design from members involved in Hyperledger TSC, it'll be quite useful for further improvement of BitXHub.

- BitXHub
This enhancement for Hyperledger is aiming to:
- Provide interactions among ledger projects (e.g., Fabric, Sawtooth and Iroha) in Hyperledger community when applied in different scenarios.
        - Support interchain transactions including asset exchange, information sharing and service complementation.

- Our proposal

- Our whitepaper

Kind regards,
Shutian Bao

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