Identity Working Group calls Feb 5th 2020 12 noon

Vipin Bharathan

Hi all,

Announcing a call of the ID WG

Fun Fact: yesterday was a palindromic date 02022020. (in mmddyyyy and in ddmmyyyy)

Wednesday Feb 5, 2020 12 noon EST (1700 UTC)

Call is on hyperledger zoom.
Calls are recorded: Audio and Video links always updated in notes.

The full Agenda is available here:

Main event: 
A talk by Kim Cameron.
The author of the laws of identity will talk about the state of digital identity in 2020.

Select Items from the Agenda:

  • Florence Hudson makes a call for participation in IEEE calls.
  • Future talks:
    • Davos, a retrospective - Biometrics in ISO 307 D. Bachenheimer
    • PDP (Personal data Protection) new laws in India Ravikant.
    • Guardianship - a Sovrin whitepaper
    • Identity for IOT- Blockchain implications Bhawana Singh, JNU 
Your ideas for 2020 for the Identity WG are always welcome.

This is an open call, where all are welcome!
We continue interesting talks laid out for the next few months, always topical- focused on hard problems in Digital Identity & the Blockchain with a focus on Hyperledger. Suggestions for topics and presenters are always welcome!
Participate to create!
Let us have some fun!

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