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Silas Davis

Hello Ry and TSC,

Better late than never...

I have played around with packages and I too like the idea. The issue I think we will have with this is the additional step of logging into the github NPM repo to which most JS developers are not accustomed. There's a slight issue with being amongst the first to jump here. It's still not a big deal:

$ npm login --registry=
> Username: USERNAME
> Password: TOKEN

A related issue is people assuming your project does not have a node module by virtue of not being searchable from

If npm/yarn started shipping with the github packages repo hard-coded then the former issue above would be resolved and the latter assumption about the existence of a node module would be lessened.

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On Thu, 27 Jun 2019 at 12:33, Ry Jones <rjones@...> wrote:
GitHub has a beta for a package registry. We're opted into the waiting list; you can read more here:
I'm interested in what you think about publishing on github instead of npm or dockerhub directly. I don't have any opinions beyond it would be one less thing to manage.
Ry Jones
Community Architect, Hyperledger

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