Old and New Hyperledger Community Calendar

Dave Huseby <dhuseby@...>

Hi Everyone,

I made one last pass through the old community calendar this morning an emailed the organizers of any meetings that are still on the old Hyperledger Community Calendar that didn't have obvious replacement meetings scheduled on the new Hyperledger Community Calendar.

If you received an email from me about your meetings, please take a moment to schedule it's replacement in the calendars I linked to in the email.

The old Hyperledger Community Calendar WILL BE DELETED AT THE END OF THIS WEEK. You have been warned. The new community calendar feed will be shared again with everybody. It is the aggregation of all of the group calendars on https://lists.hyperledger.org.

The migration is almost done. We're down to 10 meetings left on the old calendar. This is the last chance to fix it before it gets deleted.

David Huseby
Security Maven, Hyperledger
The Linux Foundation

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