Zoom call - Jan 08 2020, minutes of the meeting

Vipin Bharathan

Hi all,

Thanks for the great call. The attendance was very healthy with more than 16 people participating in the call. Let us hope that this a harbinger for the decade. (Not open to debate whether decade starts on Jan 1 2021)

Minutes have been posted including recordings (audio & Video)...

Upcoming talks
- Very excited to announce a talk by Kim Cameron (the laws of identity) on Feb 5th 12 noon EST on the IDWG call. This promises to be an exciting session.

Still working on presentations on the next call Jan 22.
Excerpt from the minutes:





Q&A- comments on presentation:

  1. Is blockchain suitable? Immutability, what is PII? Is hash PII? Is salted hash PII?
  2. GDPR needs items like data controller, data processor- do they map
  3. Indian law Personal data protection passed on December 18- Ravikant will present in later calls
  4. Dont they both(CCPA & GDPR) apply to all data collected.
  5. Exclusions-in CCPA HIPAA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, Vehicles etc. etc. Evidentiary data.

Comments/Questions welcome.

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