Identity WG call this Wednesday the 8th of Jan, 2020

Vipin Bharathan

Hi all,

Welcome back to the regular calls of the IDWG for 2020.
Hope you have all had a well deserved break and and a relaxing New Year in spite of the various developments in the wider world.

8th of Jan 2020- 12 noon EDT (17:00 UDT)
Call is on hyperledger zoom.

Main events: 
The full Agenda is available here:

Roadmap for 2020
CCPA: Implications for the blockchain and hyperledger

Please join us, your ideas for 2020 for the Identity WG are always welcome. As January is dedicated to Janus, the god of retrospectives and prospectives, we will start with a look back at 2019, with our eyes fully on 2020 as well. 

This is an open call, where all are welcome!
We finished with a bang on December 11th with a talk by Darrell O'Connell on Digital Wallets. We hope to open with interesting talks laid out for the next few months, always topical- focused on hard problems: Digital Identity & the Blockchain.
Let us have some fun!


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