Besu Architecture Overview Presentation - Dec 11th 11 AM PST

Ram Jagadeesan (rjagadee)


Danno Ferrin and Lucas Saldanha from Consensys will present an overview of the Besu architecture, 11 AM PST, Wed Dec 11th.

Please note that this is a one-off event not in our regular bi-weekly meeting slot.

Here is the proposed agenda:
* Ethereum Basics
- Networking & Gossip
- Block Production
- Consensus (briefly)
* Contract Execution
- Account Storage Trie
- State Storage Trie
* Chain Reorgs for non-finalized consensus protocols
  • * EEA Privacy
    - Technical Specification
    - Restricted vs Unrestricted
    * Besu Private TXs
    - Orion/PMT/Privacy Precompile
    - Processing of Private TXs
    * Privacy Groups
    - What are they?
    - Benefits
    * Future work?
    - Handling reorgs
    - ...

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