repository structure task force.

Christopher Ferris <chris.ferris@...>

Apologies, I thought I sent this last week. My bad, though there has been some discussion in the comments to the pending item.

At one point in the earlier discussion, Ry mentioned use of the TODO Group's repo linter. A few of us have gotten it to work, and it does seem to do an effective job of ensuring some of the things we'd like. It also seems configurable such that we could use it.

The one item it won't help with is the format of some of the files. There are at least three that I think we should concern ourselves with, the,, and Welcome to hear from others on this.

I did suggest that we might have a call,so I created a quick Doodle poll for times.

Please try to respond tomorrow and I will have the logistics set up by the time of the TSC call Thursday.

Thanks for offering to help with this!


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