Maintainers summit debrief

Middleton, Dan <dan.middleton@...>


I may not be on the TSC call today. Regarding the summit, happy to debrief more next week if desired but here's some notes.

In general the format was successful in creating a more collaborative environment across projects and I believe the consensus was it is a preferable format to Hackfests and that this type of event was overdue this year.

The first day we adhered more or less to this sketch of activities: Cross-Pollination Exercises. The goal was to mix together maintainers from different projects and stimulate new thinking. We did activities like architecture exchanges and learning each other's PR processes and in some cases actually submitting PRs.

Some commonalities were observed including a recognition we will soon all be on a common github workflow. 

There were some cross project commits including some work between Ursa and Transact.

The remainder of the summit moved into an unconference structure populated with some pre-prepared agenda topics listed on the event page and items arising from discussions in day 1.

There was notably broad interest in projects designed for cross-use like Transact.

We discussed repeating these summits as frequently as quarterly but also recognize travel limitations. One suggestion was to put a day on the front of HLGF for a maintainers summit.

Other participants are asked to copy their notes to the list or wiki. I know some notes went out immediately to the appropriate chat channels.




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